kollavarsham js


The JavaScript library has been implemented on the node.js platform and has been published to the npm (node package manager) registry.

It could be installed as a library module (a dependency) for other node.js applications:

npm install kollavarsham --save

Browserify is a good tool that can generate the library to be used on the client-side (or browser) applications as well:

browserify lib/kollavarsham.js -o bundle.js

It could also be used as a cross-platform command line application (CLI) app using another CLI module (that is essentially a wrapper over the core module), when installed globally like this:

npm install -g kollavarsham


To use the library in a node.js or a browser app:

// Refer the API docs for accurate semantics

var kollavarsham = require('kollavarsham');
var KollavarshamDate = require('kollavarsham').kollavarshamDate;

var gregorianDate = kollavarsham.toGregorianDate(new KollavarshamDate(1184, 5, 18));  // Not implemented yet

var kollavarshamDate = kollavarsham.fromGregorianDate(new Date(2014, 1, 14));

Current Status

Currently the library is in beta state and most of the features are working as expected (a notable exception being the ability to convert a Kollavarsham date into a Gregorian date).

The calendar for instance, is an interactive, AngularJS single page application (source) that gets the Kollavarsham dates from a RESTful service, implemented in NodeJS/ExpressJS (source), using this kollavarsham.js module.

API Documentation

Check out the evolving API documentation that is generated from the source using YUIDoc here: API documentation.


The JavaScript implementation of the Kollavarsham API started off as a port of the Perl implementation of the Pancanga (Hindu Almanac) by M. Fushimi and M. Yano, that is accompanied by a good little write-up with a link to their Perl script as well.

We would like to thank Fushimi-san and Yano-san for their work on the Hindu calendar and for making it open source!

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